Our research values guide how we perform, analyze, and communicate arts-based research.

As is the case with Arts-based research, our investigative process is interpretive and iterative. We respond to the social, political, and identity-based themes with critical insight and practiced methodologies. The participatory and inclusive nature of this research project allows us to recognize and question said social, political, or identity-based dynamics when they present themselves. 

These core values serve to guide the interests and goals of this research project, and hopefully gives a better understanding of the perspectives through which our team approaches the analysis of all Digital Stories.



Students are encouraged to try newer or strange forms of making, but still pushed to use critical thinking skills in order to produce well thought-out content.


1. Making

Making relates to the process of acquiring literacy and continue to develop a language of creative expression that embraces the power of contemporary media and technologies.


Students feel empowered to create digital content with their own narrative, and be able to share it with the public.


2. Voice

Voice is the unique perspective of each participant that shapes stories and narratives leading to increasing confidence in telling and seeking to be heard, as well as deeper understanding of one’s experiences, community, culture, and values.


Students communicate with each other, but also foster larger conversations with their audience through digital media.


3. Dialogue

Dialogue is the means to connect the lives and experiences of project participants that can bridge perspective to promote collaboration. This kind of dialogue is rooted in a creative exchange, an act of sharing and connection that engenders trust and leads to empathy.


Cameron's Digital Story exemplified transformational behaviors as described by James Banks, as discovered through critical analysis.


4. Transformation

Transformation is the desired outcome of creating meaningful stories, it opens up the possibility of change for self, community, country, and the world.