Participate in this project!



In order to participate in this research, we ask

That you select a class of intermediate to advanced art or media art students to create a two to three-minute video narrative in response to the prompt: “What does an American look like for you today?” Find more details in the Educational Package you receive after completing our "Sign Up" form.

We ask that you share these with us for posting online and for possible inclusion in our traveling exhibit. Please see the "Submit Digital Stories" page to fill out the submission form.

We’d also like for you to encourage students to use their own images instead of taking them from online sources. Also, be mindful that music is fair use and is credited. Find more information, guidelines, and tips in the Education Package.



Process and general timeline of involvement

The process took about 3-4 weeks. Keep in mind that this was an additional project that dovetailed with more traditional media that we continued to work on during the creating of this assignment.

Be aware that students will likely need help recording quality audio and many students will need access to editing software at school. Previous participants have used programs such as iMovie because it was available and fairly easy to use. For more recommendations, refer to sources in the Education Package.

We’d like the videos created and posted by the end of November, 2019.